Allied Insurance in USA

Type : Subsidiary
Industry : Insurance
Founded : 1929
Headquarters : Des Moines, IA 50391 USA
Parent : Nationwide
Website :

Contact Details
 Home Office

Allied Insurance
1100 Locust Street
 Des Moines, IA 50391-1100

Policy, Billing or Claims Inquiries
If you have policy, billing or claims questions, please visit our Member Center (registration required) or contact us:
Personal: 1-800-282-1446
Commercial: 1-866-322-3214

Partnering with Allied
At Allied Insurance, we establish relationships with the very best agents in the insurance community. Interested in writing business with Allied? Contact a local regional sales agent.

Report Insurance Fraud
We're taking an active approach against insurance fraud, but we need your help. If you know or suspect someone is committing insurance fraud, speak up.